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  • Letter Written by Daniel Faust, 96th Pennsylvania Infantry, Battle of Gettysburg Content / SOLD

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    Letter Written by Daniel Faust, 96th Pennsylvania Infantry, Battle of Gettysburg Content - Inventory Number: DOC 275 / SOLD

    Four-page letter written in dark ink by Daniel Faust of Company H, 96th Pennsylvania Infantry, who enlisted in September 1862 and fought at Salem Church during the Battle of Chancellorsville. Faust writes to his brother and relates his recent experiences during the Gettysburg Campaign.

    August 27th 1863

    Camp Near New Baltimore Va.

    Dear Brother

    I have received your kind and welcome letter last night, and I was very happy to hear that you are all well. I am well at present, and I hope when these few lines comes to you, it will find you all enjoying good health. You requested me to let you know how I liked soldiering yet. I like it very well as long as it agrees with me as well as it has agreed with me so far. I am now over one year in service and never have been sick of any account yet, and I am hardier and heavier than I ever was before I enlisted. I think I weigh about 160 lbs. now. I have often tried what I could stand. I have laid on the ground half covered with water and raining as hard as it could, and I never as much as to catch a cold, and I have always a very good appetite. When we was on this long march to Pennsylvania, I had lost some weight. We couldn't sometimes get rations for a few days, and sometimes if we had it, we had to march day and night that we had no time to cook or eat. The day we went in the battle at Gettysburg, we marched 20 hours without rest or anything to eat. It was some thirty miles we marched, and then rested about one half hour, then we went double quick in the fight, and I feel I could run right through the Rebels. Thomas Walker was a little mistaken when he said that I couldn't stand marching. I never straggled. Sometimes there was three or four with the company, and I always was one of the number when we stopped. You stated that you would like to get in our Regt. I am not aware of that if they have their choice to get in any Regt. they choose, but I should think you had. If you get drafted, I would try my best to get in the Regt. We have got a very good Col. I am still serving the Lord and intend to do so till I die. It is hard to keep from the many temptations that are around me all the time and no one to encourage me, but I do the best that I can. There hadn't much of any news now. We are laying still in our camp. Dear Brother, pray for me and I pray for you. Write soon again. I send my love to you all so much.

     From your affectionate Brother

    Daniel Faust

    To) David and Sarah Faust


    Daniel Faust

    Enlisted on 9/16/1862 as a Private.

    On 9/16/1862 he mustered into "H" Co. PA 96th Infantry

    He was transferred out on 10/18/1864

    On 10/18/1864 he transferred into "G" Co. PA 95th Infantry

    He was discharged on 6/18/1865

    Inventory Number: DOC 275 / SOLD