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  • Libby Prison Admission Ticket and Print

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    Libby Prison Admission Ticket and Print Titled The Only Picture in Existence - Inventory Number: PRI 132 /SOLD

    Nice grouping of Libby Prison printed items.  

    This lithograph is entitled “Libby Prison – The Only Picture in Existence” by J.L. Barlow circa 1882 Published by Mountcastle, Richmond, Virginia The print depicts Libby Prison “As it appeared August 23, 1863” – its detail shows three men and a child standing in the foreground with tents labeled “C.S.A.” immediately behind them, and the Libby Prison building in the background.

    Libby Prison War Museum post card - Removed from Richmond, Va., to Chicago, in 1889.  

    Libby Prison Admission ticket dated March 16, 1899

    Libby Prison War Museum ticket 25 cents 

    Libby Prison was a Confederate prison in Richmond, Virginia during the American Civil War. It gained an infamous reputation for the overcrowded and harsh conditions under which officer prisoners from the Union Army were kept. Prisoners suffered from disease, malnutrition and a high mortality rate. By 1863, one thousand prisoners were crowded into large open rooms on two floors, with open, barred windows leaving them exposed to weather and temperature extremes. The building was built before the war as a food warehouse. The structure was moved to Chicago in 1889 to serve as a war museum. It was dismantled in 1899 with its pieces sold as souvenirs.

    Nicely frames and ready for display.  Frame measures 14 3/4" x 17 1/2".

    Inventory Number: PRI 132 / SOLD