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  • Malvern Hill Brick / Sold

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    "Malvern Hill" Brick - Inventory Number: MIS 089 / Sold

     Embossed brick meas. approx. 8.50 x 4.25 x 1.75 inches. All sides of the brick are blank except for the top which has a cannon at center with “MALVERN HILL” across the top. The date “JULY 1ST 1862” is divided by the cannon. The corner is lacking a 2” section. Casting detail is very good.

    Malvern Hill was the last of the Seven Days Battles before Richmond and ended McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign with a Confederate defeat.  These bricks were made in 1888 in a kiln that was constructed on the site of Malvern House. 

    Inventory Number: MIS 089 / Sold