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Medal Of Honor Petersburg By Don Troiani / SOLD

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Medal Of Honor Petersburg, April 2, 1865 By Don Troiani / SOLD

Captain Charles G. Gould of the 5th Vermont Veteran Volunteers leads his men into the earthworks defended by the 37th North Carolina at Petersburg ,Virginia, April 2, 1865. Immediately beset on all sides, Gould struggled in the darkness to survive. Cut on the head by a sword and bayoneted in both the spine and mouth he managed to kill one assailant and hold off the rest until rescued. For being the first man of the Sixth Corps over the Confederate works on April 2, 1865, Gould was awarded the nation's highest honor, The Congressional Medal of Honor.

This print is signed by Don Troiani

Numbered limited edition print 552/1000, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

Overall measures 30 5/8" x 24 1/2" unframed, mounted to archival board with archival corners. 

Inventory Number: PRI 023 / SOLD