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  • Militia Sword With Sling / SOLD

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    Militia Sword With Sling - Inventory Number: SWO 065 / SOLD

    Ink identification on the interior of the sling to the 9th Regiment.  Sling retains its original cross belt plate bearing the number "9".  The name: "G.O. Carleton, Co 'I' " is clearly visible on the interior of the sling, the second name (previous owner) on the sling having been scratched out.  Lightly incised on the top mount of the scabbard is "1834 WESSON" word in original leather scabbard {missing only the brass tip}.

    US Model 1840 Militia NCO Sword & Partial Scabbard, Double Etched Blade, Manufactured by Baker and McKenney.  Both sides of the blade are deeply acid etched.  The left recess under the crossguard is marked Baker and McKenney.  Cast brass crossguard with nice federal shield design.  The grip is constructed of ribbed bone and has a pleasant patina.  The detail to the Phyrgian helmet pommel is crisp.  Overall with a nice even and mellow slightly dark patina.  Would make a fine addition to any sword or Civil War collection.


    Inventory Number:  SWO 065 / SOLD