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  • Model 1816 Bayonet

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    Model 1816 Bayonet - Inventory Number: BAY 122

    .69 Caliber Socket Bayonet.  For Model 1816-1822 - 1828 Muskets.  

    Model 1816 Bayonets were the true predecessor to the Model 1855 series bayonet.  They are typically American in design, in that they do not have a blade "shoulder."  They have deep side fullers (forming a "T"  in cross-section) with a top face-flute (or fuller) that runs almost the full length of the blade (about 16 3/4'); the standard Model 1816 has a top face flute of about 9" nominally.  These are attached by fitting them over the barrel muzzle, and fastened into position by means of a T-shaped mortise slot.  This bayonet does not employ a locking ring.  All mental construction.  

    Inventory Number: BAY 122