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  • Model 1822 .69 Caliber Springfield Dated 1838 with Sling

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    Model 1822 .69 Caliber Springfield Musket - Dated 1838 with Sling - Inventory Number: RIF 010-SOLD

    The lock is very clearly marked SPRING / FIELD / 1838 vertically in three lines behind the hammer. Forward of the hammer the lock is marked with a Spread-Winged US Eagle, over the letters "US."    Small sub-inspector C marks appear under the barrel and on much of the iron as well.  The butt plate tang is clearly stamped "US." The musket also retains both of its original sling swivels and its original ramrod.  There are several cartouches, inspector, and sub-inspector marks on this musket.  The cartouche of Asabel Hubbard is present, it is a script AH in an oval on the bottom of the stock, behind the trigger guard, as well as "FS".  Retains original sling.  The front band has been replaced.  A really nice example.

    Inventory Number: RIF 010 -Sold