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  • Model 1832 Short Artillery Sword / SOLD

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    Model 1832 Short Artillery Sword - Inventory Number: SWO 160 / SOLD

    This Federal edged weapon is an Ames Model 1832 U.S. Foot Artilleryman’s short sword dated 1833.  A product of the Ames Manufacturing Company of Massachusetts.  The artilleryman’s sword features a hefty, double-edged, steel blade that measures 19” long x 1¾” wide at the hilt.  This example retains a series of markings on the top of the hilt including a “J.A.J.B” inspectors marking “S. Huse / Newburyport” and a subassembly letter ”M”.  The ricasso of the blade is dated “1833” with the obverse having an eagle with N.P. Ames / Springfield, Mass.”.

    This hefty short sword is rather unwieldy and its use as a weapon is debatable with some contemporary accounts indicating that this type weapon was used to clear brush and other obstacles from around gun positions. The date side of the handle has wear from heavy use or pounding as indicated by a concave dent and flattening of two rivets.  Overall a nice representative example with a scarce date.

    Inventory Number: SWO 160 / SOLD