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  • Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber / Sold

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    Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber - Sold

    Commonly referred to as “The Wristbreaker”, was one of the edged weapons used by mounted forces before and during the Civil War. This sword was used in the US from 1840 through the Mexican War, the Civil War, and finally the Plains Indian Wars of the 1870's and 1880's. The sword was not loved by the Cavalry - officers and troopers alike - and earned the name "The Ole Wrist Breaker". The weight of the sword gave the impression that, when wielded strongly in a downward stroke, the momentum developed could not be slowed by the frail human wrist.  This sword, also called a dragoon heavy cavalry saber.

    The steel blade is curved with a flat, wide back and is single-edged.  The hilt has a nice bronze patina. Original brown leather grips with double twisted brass wire wound around the handle in perfect condition.

    Very nice iron scabbard has a light gray patina.  Both sword mounts intact.  An excellent example of an enlistedman’s cavalry saber.  Excellent example - American made.

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