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  • Model 1842 Springfield Musket / SOLD

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    Model 1842 Springfield Musket - Inventory Number:  RIF 151 / SOLD

    The Model 1842 was a .69 caliber smoothbore musket produced by both Springfield and Harpers Ferry Armories. It was the first U.S. musket produced with a percussion cap ignition system, as well as the last U.S. production smoothbore musket. Approximately 250,000 were produced from 1844 to 1855, and thousands were housed in federal and state arsenals at the beginning of the Civil War, north and south. They were widely issued by both sides and saw extensive action throughout the first half of the war. 

    This example was manufactured at Springfield Armory in 1849. The lock has developed a pleasing, light brown patina and has very sharp markings. The action is crisp, and the hammer holds on all positions. The nipple is original and in fair condition. The barrel was cleaned long ago and is developing some areas of light rust. The barrel date has been worn down and is no longer visible, and the “VP” and eagle proof parks are present but light. The ramrod is original with the threaded end for cleaning implements. The stock is in nice condition with sharp contours and the typical dings and scratches from service. A nice representative example that could have seen action on either side throughout the war. 


    Inventory Number:  RIF 151 / SOLD