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  • Model 1842 Springfield / SOLD

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    Model 1842 Springfield – Inventory Number: RIF 120 / SOLD

    Dated 1848

    An original Springfield Model 1842, .69 caliber, single-shot, smoothbore musket in good condition. All the metal surfaces have n even smooth patina. The wood stock is untouched with raided grain and bold inspector’s cartouche. Screw heads are good with only light wear.

    Lock markings are the standard “spread winged Eagle over a small US” forward of the hammer and “SPRING / FIELD / 1848” in a stacked, three-line arrangement back of the hammer. All markings are very strong. Bolster area has original nipple and is clean but for some light surface pitting. Mechanics are strong and crisp.

    Proofmarks “V / P/ Eaglehead” are crisp on the barrel breech as is the date “1848” stamped on the barrel tang. Musket also retains its brass blade sight on the upper barrel band and a bayonet lug under the muzzle. There is no rear sight since the weapon is smoothbore.  A clear “US” is stamped on the butt plate tang. Musket retains its original ‘trumpet’ type steel ramrod with flat head. Ramrod is complete with threaded end for attaching cleaning tools. Both sling swivels are present. A very nice example of the Model 1842 which saw service in both the Mexican War and the Civil War!


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    Inventory Number: RIF 120 / SOLD