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  • Model 1851 Saber Belt / SOLD

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    Model 1851 Saber Belt - Inventory Number: BEL 364 / SOLD

    Fine example of the early, original buff leather model 1851 saber belt worn by Federal enlisted cavalrymen prior to and during Civil War. It remains in overall good and complete condition, with its original regulation 1851 pattern brass eagle belt plate and matching keeper. The belt plate has a one-piece applied silver wreath.  Both long and short leather saber straps, shoulder sling, and the brass saber hook are present. Constructed of strong buff leather, the belt exhibits a surface that was dyed black on its exterior side, per army regulations of 1851. The leather is in very good condition but is dry, particularly the saber mounting straps. The end of the leather belt runs through the rectangular M1851 brass sword belt plate loop and clasped together by means of the early style, flattened brass hook. The plate face has an even, patina and exhibits well-defined edges. A nice complete example. 


    Inventory Number: BEL 364 / SOLD