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  • Model 1853 "John Brown" Sharps Carbine / Sold

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    Model 1853 "John Brown" Sharps - Inventory Number: RIF 099 / Sold


    SN 15,723. Cal 52. Barrel 21-1/2″. This is a standard Model 1853 Sharps carbine in which about 10,000 were made between 1854-1858. Many of these slant breech Sharps saw service during the Civil War, both North and South, by “Border Ruffians” and anti-slavery zealots in Kansas during the tumultuous time before the Civil War when Kansas was “Bloody Kansas”. John Brown made this model most famous when he raided Harper’s Ferry in an attempt to cause a slave rebellion in America. This particular gun has standard markings associated with this model. Bbl marked “Sharps Rifle/Manufg. Co./Hartford Conn”. Tang marked “Sharps/Patent/1848” and serial number “15,723” and matching serial number on barrel. Lockplate is marked “Sharps/Patent/1852”.

    Bore is good with sharp rifling. Lock, frame, breech and barrel have freckled light pitting with balance being gray/silver. Forestock and buttstock are lightly refinished and solid with scattered scratches, nicks and minor scrapes. Brass mountings including band, patchbox and buttplate are cleaned and have yellow patina with staining and scratching. Patchbox, buttplate have earlier serial and assembly numbers, patchbox exhibits number 480. Action is functional including Maynard capping device. Long range rear sight still retains adjustment and appears Sharps in style but is smoother in finish than the gun.

    Inventory Number: RIF 099 / Sold