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  • Model 1859 McClellan saddle - Allegheny Arsenal - Dated 1863


    Model 1859 McClellan Saddle - Allegheny Arsenal - Dated 1863 - Inventory Number: CAV 035 - SOLD

    a very scarce war dated saddle in great condition.  1859 pattern McClellan enlisted cavalry saddle made by the Allegheny Arsenal in 1863 and clearly so marked on the saddle shield on the pommel along with the seat size number "2".

    Unspaded D-rings, quarterstraps sewn on the D-rings without rivets.  Tie-down strap loops likewise sewn.  Some very minor separations along the seams from shrinkage, but no missing rawhide except on the very top of the pommel from honest period wear and you can see the small bit of wood exposed has a sheen to it from the troopers hands as well.  Some alligatoring to the finish of the straps, but they are solid.  The skirts are very nice.  One hooded stirrup remains, the under-girth is present.  

    A very nice example of the quintessential Civil War cavalry troopers saddle!

    Inventory Number: CAV 035 -SOLD