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  • Model 1860 Cavalry Saber Identified to Francis H. Anderson 2nd Missouri Cavalry, “Merrill’s Horse” / SOLD

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    Model 1860 Cavalry Saber Identified to Francis H. Anderson 2nd Missouri Cavalry, “Merrill’s Horse” - Inventory Number:  SWO 225 / SOLD 

    Model 1860 cavalry saber manufactured in 1864 by Ames Manufacturing Company, Chicopee, Massachusetts. The knuckle bow on this example is stamped “FRANCIS H. E. ANDERSON. CO. C. M. H. V. V. CAV. U.S. A. 1865. Francis H. Anderson enlisted in the 2nd Missouri Cavalry in August 1861. Known as “Merrill’s Horse”, the highly disciplined regiment established a reputation of extreme aggressiveness and effectiveness in counter-guerrilla operations. Anderson reenlisted as a veteran in 1864 and served until the end of the war as the company saddler. The saber remains in good condition with a bright blade that has a well-done field sharpening and scattered light pitting. The Ames roll mark is strong, with the 1864 date lightly stamped into the ricasso. The leather grip remains in good condition with a tight wire wrap, and the guard retains a pleasing, uncleaned brass patina. The steel scabbard has taken on a dark plum patina with some dings and dents from service. Overall, a very nice ID’d cavalry saber from a distinguished regiment. 

    Second Cavalry. -- Col., Lewis Merrill; Lieut.-Cols., W. F. Schaeffer, Charles B. Hunt, John Y. Clopper; Majs., George C. Marshall, J. Y. Clopper, J. B. Rogers, M. El. Williams, C. B. Hunt, Garrison Harker C. W. McLean, George M. Houston.

    The regiment was organized in the months of Aug. and Sept., 1861, by Capt. Lewis Merrill, of the 2nd U. S. cavalry, acting under authority of Gen. Fremont. In September, before it was fully organized and equipped it was called into service in the southwestern part of Missouri, to repel the Confederate force that was invading the state.

    It was known as "Merrill's Horse," the name being conferred upon it by Fremont, and was in continuous service in Missouri until the fall of 1865. Lack of reports on the part of the regimental officers renders it impossible to give an authentic account of its brilliant services.

    It defeated Porter's men at Kirksville; took part in the battle of Silver Creek, and, in connection with a detachment of the 9th Mo. militia, under Col. Guitar, completely annihilated Poindexter's gang of guerrillas.  Under an order of Gen. Thomas the 10th Mo. cavalry was consolidated with this regiment in June, 1865, and the regiment was mustered out on Sept. 19, 1865, at the close of four years' arduous service.

    Source:  The Union Army, vol. 4, p. 273

    Francis H. Anderson - Enlisted as a Saddler. He also had service in: "C" Co. MO 2nd Cavalry. Federal Pension Information: He applied for a pension on 7/27/1881 from the state of OH application # 426,292

     Inventory Number:  SWO 225 / SOLD