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  • Model 1863 Springfield Rifled-Musket / SOLD

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    Model 1863 Springfield Rifled-Musket - Inventory Number: RIF 060 / SOLD

    Original .58 caliber Civil War firearm manufactured by Springfield Armory and dated 1863.  Model 1863, Type 1, single-shot muzzle-loader in complete, original condition. The Springfield M1863 Type 1 musket was a government arsenal product from Springfield, Massachusetts. Over two hundred seventy thousand such weapons were produced for the U.S. Ordnance Department during the war years.

    All gunmetal is clean and exhibits a bright finish. “1863” stamped behind the hammer. Lock markings with the “Eagle / U.S. / SPRINGFIELD” are sharp and clear in front of the hammer. The distinctive “S” shaped hammer with its beveled edges has the same smooth patina as the rest of the lock plate. Bolster retains an eagle motif. Breech area of the barrel bears the complete date of 1863. The “VP” and “Eagle” are also present. Original two-leaf rear sight.

    Mechanics crisp. Bore has strong rifling. This type musket was produced without barrel band springs. The three screw-tightened barrel bands are correct and in place. Retains its original steel straight-shank ramrod that has the threaded tip. Black walnut stock is good with original color and finish. Has a hairline break near wrist but hardly noticeable and the usual light dings normal with age and use. Inspectors cartouche is barely visible. The buttplate is boldly stamped “US”.  This is a fine, original Springfield type-1 rifle-musket.

    Inventory Number: RIF 060 / SOLD