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  • Model 1864 .69 Caliber Cartridge Box

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    Model 1864 .69 Caliber Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 262

    July 1864 pattern cartridge box for the .69 caliber musket, distinguished by the stamped “US” on the flap in place of the cartridge box plate. President Lincoln’s call for an additional 500,000 troops that month created a shortage of arms and equipment. Obsolete .69 caliber arms were pulled out of storage and needed accoutrements to fit the larger rounds. An order was placed for 5,000 such boxes, many of which saw service with the United States Colored Troops. The leather on this box is in good condition with a moderate amount of crazing on the flap and implement pouch. The closure tab is still in place with no tears. Both original tins remain inside the box. The interior flap has an embossed inspector stamp and the maker’s mark of R. Nece, Philadelphia. A scarce Civil War cartridge box. 

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    Inventory Number: LEA 262