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  • Mole Cavalry Saber

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    Mole Cavalry Saber - Inventory Number: SWO 255

    This rare saber is an original English Pattern 1853 cavalry saber manufactured by the Birmingham, England firm of Robert Mole and is so marked. Saber is in good overall condition and measures 35¼” long with a total length of 41½”.  Blade is in good condition with some nicks in cutting edge, the blade is bright with mottled smooth dark spots. A single unstopped fuller runs for 25¾” along the upper edge of the blade. Blade has slight patches of minor age with light discoloration and is clearly stamped on its broad back with the marking “MOLE”. Most British-made sabers produced for export to the Confederacy were completely unmarked and never bear British military stampings.  Those 1853 Pattern sabers that do bear a maker’s mark are a rare exception as this Mole-marked artifact certainly is. 

    The large, flat, iron-mounted hilt features a wide, flat knucklebow with two branches for the counterguard and a quillon ending in a flat disc. Entire hilt exhibits a rich patina and exhibits grips of original checkered leather show smoothing from use and some erosion by the pommel.  

    The original iron scabbard is in very good condition with a smooth gray patina overall.  Scabbard is stamped “MOLE” on the flat between the throat collar and the upper ring band. Scabbard has two ring mounts that are tight and each secures a 1¼” diameter iron sword ring. Throat collar exhibits a southern arsenal repair and s hand filed brass like that of a dog river. The small setscrews being riveted in brass. Drag is strong and shows no wear. This Birmingham-made, Robert Mole-marked saber and scabbard represent a fine specimen that a Confederate cavalryman likely used in service during the American Civil War.

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    Inventory Number: SWO 255