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  • Monaural Stethoscope / SOLD

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    Monaural Stethoscope - Inventory Number: MED 106 / SOLD

    Rare Gutta Percha Example!  Measures 6 3/4 inches in height.  End with conical hollow measures 1 inch in diameter the other 3 inches in diameter.  

    The invention of Laennec's monaural stethoscope in 1819. This device was made out of a hollow tube of wood, which he turned on the lathe. At one end was a small hole, and, at the other, a conical hollow.  By the 1850's, the monaural stethoscope was a mainstay of the physical examination.  Civil War officer “Oliver Wendell Holmes” was instrumental in introducing the stethoscope and microscope into the medical curriculum at Harvard Medical School.

    Inventory Number: MED 106 / SOLD