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  • Navy Pass Box

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    Navy Pass Box - Inventory Number: ART 290

    Pass boxes were used by an individual gunner to carry live artillery-cartridges from a service-magazine to the piece, dryly and securely.

    This leather box is cylinder shaped and has a leather sling as a handle. Top of lid is marked in pencil with the identification “Homer”

    Box measures 11 ½” high x 9” in circumference. Lid measures 11” across. 

    Stitching is tight. All straps are intact but sling is broken on one side.  Leather has flaked off on much of the surface and bottom is loose.  The face of the box bears the white painted notation: “Pattern” Navy Yard Boston, 1864. XI Inch”.  Scarce item.

    Inventory Number: ART 290