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    NCO Sword Sling - Inventory Number: LEA 161 / Sold

    Civil War Non-Commissioned Officer's Over the Shoulder Belt fo rhte Model 1840 Non-commissioned officer's and Musician's sword with original Pattern 1826 Round Eagle Breast Plate in mint condition with the correct three double-wire hook style of attachment.  When worn over the right shoulder, the frog aperture for the NCO or Musicians sword rests against the left hip.  THe top mount of the sword scabbard would hang from the hook at the scabbards throat.  THe shoulder belt is in exceptional condition with the leather being sof anf pliable, just showing areas of minor surface wear to the blackening, with almost no wear to either the hook holes.  This is a near mint condition example and would be nearly impossible to improve upon.  

    Inventory Number: LEA 161 / Sold