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  • Original First Model Maynard .35 Caliber Double Cavity Bullet Mold

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    Original First Model Maynard .35 Caliber Double Cavity Bullet Mold - Inventory Number: BUL 272

    Marked: "Manufactured by MASS ARMS CO. Chicopee Falls." Mold is in very good condition with an aged patina and traces of original bluing on surface with no rust is present. According to John D. McAulay in "Civil War Carbines Vol. II" the majority of .35 cal Maynard's were purchased by the Confederate States just before the outbreak of the war. Even in "Civil War Projectiles II" by Mason & McKee they list all .35 - .37 cal. Maynard bullets as being of Confederate use.  This mold would go great with any Civil War collector or as a nice addition to a Maynard carbine or rifle.

    Inventory Number: BUL 272