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  • Original Oil Painting of Raphael Semmes

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    Original Oil Painting of Raphael Semmes - Inventory Number: PAI 027

    Painted by "Wiles" of the American Society of Portrait Artists Raphael Semmes September 27, 1809 - August 30, 1877) was an officer in the Confederate Navy during the American Civil War. Until then, he had been a serving officer in the US Navy from 1826 to 1860.

    During the American Civil War, Semmes was captain of the cruiser CSS Alabama, the most successful commerce raider in maritime history, taking 65 prizes. Late in the war, he was promoted to rear admiral and acted briefly as a brigadier general in the Confederate States.

    Raphael Semmes:

    Residence Maryland;

    Enlisted on 3/26/1861 as a Commander.

    On 3/26/1861 he was commissioned into CS Navy

    (date and method of discharge not given)

    On 6/2/1864 he was commissioned into CS Prov Navy

    He was listed as:

    * Sunk ship 1/11/1863 Galveston, TX (Helped sink USS Hatteras)

    * Fought 6/19/1864 Cherbourg, France (Engaged USS Kearsarge)

    * Wounded 6/19/1864 Cherbourg, France

    * Paroled 4/28/1865 Greensboro, NC


    * Captain 7/15/1862

    * Rear Admiral 2/10/1865

    He also had service in:

    US Navy  (Prior service as commander)

    Ships served on in Navy:

    * CSS SUMTER (1861-62)

    * CSS ALABAMA (commanding, 1862-64)

    * James River Squadron 2/18/2065 (commanding)

    * Semmes Naval Brigade (commanding, 1865)

    Other Information: born in Maryland

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    Inventory Number: PAI 027