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Page From General John Pitman's Notes on US Small Arms and Ammunition On Mississippi Rifle Cartridge / SOLD

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From General John Pitman illustration in, "The Pitman Notes on US Small Arms and Ammunition."  Original sheet detailing the construction and packaging of the Mississippi Rifle Cartridge .54 Caliber, roundball, cartridge and wrapper R4-pg 184.  Pictured in the reference book Roundball to Rim Fire by Dean Thomas.  Page contains an unwrapped paper cartridge with dimensions and illustrations of the outer wrapper of cartridge package as well as cartridge.  On this page, he stated: "No marks on package - probably Confederate." 

The oldest, most fundamental projectile in use by the Confederate and Union armies during the Civil War was the round shot or spherical ball.  Round shot and cartridges for .54 Cal. Mississippi rifles and .69 cal American military muskets were readily available. 

Pitman made drawlings of guns and cartridges with absolute accuracy and detail and included dimensions and weights.  Pitman's collection uncludes 16 volumes of large amounts of data on small arms.  The value of the Pitman Notes cannot be overemphasized.  These volumes are the most important primary source information on United States military small arms and ammunition. 

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