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  • Painted Escutcheon of Captain George W. Towle, 10th New Hampshire Infantry

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    Painted Escutcheon of Captain George W. Towle, 10th New Hampshire Infantry - Inventory Number:  PAI 026

    Painted soldier’s escutcheon of George W. Towle, who enlisted in August 1862 in the 10th New Hampshire as a captain and served with the regiment until the end of the war. The interior of the printed shield is hand painted with Towle’s regiment and company, battle honors, rank insignia, and the insignia of the 9th, 18th, and 24th Army Corps. At the bottom is an oval cutout with an image of a young union officer. As Captain George W. Towle was 52 years old upon his enlistment, this may be an image of his son who served with his father in the 10th New Hampshire. Professionally mounted in a 26 ¼” by 20” frame. A very attractive hand painted escutcheon. 

    George W. Towle - Residence Portsmouth NH; 52 years old. Enlisted on 8/20/1862 as a Captain. On 9/18/1862 he was commissioned into "G" Co. NH 10th Infantry. He was Mustered Out on 6/21/1865 at Richmond, VA. Other Information: Born in Epping, NH. Died 4/20/1887 in Chicago, IL. Buried: Harmony Grove Cemty, Portsmouth, NH.

                  E N G A G E M E N T S

         White Sulphur Springs, Va.                   Nov. 15, 1862

         Fredericksburg, Va.                               Dec. 13, 1862

         Siege of Suffolk, Va.                              Apr. 11 to May 4, 1863

         Hill's Point,Va.                                        Apr. 19, 1863

         Littlepage's Bridge, Va.                         July 4, 1863

         Port Walthall, Va.  (Richmond & Petersburg Railroad)               May 7, 1864

         Swift Creek, Va.                                        May 9, 1864

         Proctor's and Kingsland Creeks, Va.        May 12-13, 1864

         Drewry's Bluff, Va.                                     May 14-16, 1864

         Cold Harbor, Va.                                          June 1-12,1864

         Battery Five, Petersburg, Va.                 June 15, 1864

         Petersburg, Va. (assault by Cos.A, E, K)     June 16, 1864

         Siege of Petersburg, Va.                              June 16 to Aug. 27, 1864

         Mine Explosion, Petersburg, Va.               July 30,1864

         Fort Harrison, Va., capture of                   Sept. 29, 1864

         Fort Harrison, Va., defense of                  Sept. 30, 1864

         Fair Oaks, Va.                                              Oct. 27, 1864

         Richmond, Va., occupation of                  Apr. 3, 1865

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     Inventory Number:  PAI 026