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  • Pair of Handsome Ca. 1835-1840 Eagle Pommel US Swords / SOLD

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    Pair of Handsome Ca. 1835-1840 eagle Pommel US Swords - Inventory Number: SWO 095 / SOLD 

    The angular eaglehead pommel of this sword arched collar of the eaglehead, scrolled guard, etc., look very much like the work of F. W. Widmann of Philadelphia, but are likely an imported Solingen made product.  This straight-blade eagle head has a spadroon blade with a single broad fuller running about 2/3rds its length rather than close tot he tip.  The eagle pommel is very well done.  The grip is magnificently patriated carved bone, oval in cross-section and bound with twisted gilt brass wire.  The knuckle guard has a scroll top and bottom, a trophy of arms midway on the flat on the outboard side and an oval cartouche on the inboard.  At the base of the grip is very finely detailed ferrule and the downturned counterguard features a rakishly angled US eagle with shield, arrows, and olive branches amid swirling clouds.  The blade is dark smoky patina.  Blade edges are good, as are the bone handles.  A superior pair of early US officer's swords from the period of the Alamo, Seminole Wars, etc.  Would look great crossed!   

    Inventory Number: SWO 095 / SOLD