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  • Pair of Soldiers' Images Tintype Sixth Plate / SOLD

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    Pair of Soldiers' Images Tintype Sixth Plate - The soldier on the left bears a 12th Regiment Infantry hunting horn device mounted on his forage cap.  Wearing the federal frock coat.  The image on the right is an infantry captain.  He is seated displaying his officers’ Hardee hat and shoulder bars.  The infantry captain has a unique brass mat device with columns and cherubs.  They are housed in gutta-percha case.  There is a chip in the case but otherwise in good condition.    The case is decorated front and back with raised geometric designs.  A lock of hair was located under one of the photos.  Sometimes the photo and hair would be the only memento of a loved one that a family member would have of a soldier lost to the war. 

    Inventory Number: HAR 026 / SOLD