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  • Pair of USA Intertwined Rosettes / SOLD

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    Pair of USA Intertwined Rosettes - Inventory Number: CAV 075 / SOLD

    Very nice pair of non-excavated bridle rosettes with raised intertwined letters "USA”.  The brass faces have a very nice dull brass patina and is without any cracks or breaks.  The backs retain their brass attachment loops and a complete complement of solder.  The rosettes are perfectly round, has no bends or repairs.  An excavated example of this style rosette is illustrated in the Civil War relic reference book.  "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard Crouch (also sold on this website - see Books page) on page 133, item #1.  According to Crouch, there is some indication that these rosettes saw artillery usage.  Another excavated example can be found in "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War" by Stanley S. Phillip on page 86 as item 8.  This relic will be an excellent addition to any Civil War cavalry / artillery or general collection.  Approximately 49mm. 

    Comes housed in 6 inch x 8 inch riker display case with red velvet backing and descriptive card.

    Inventory Number: CAV 075 / SOLD