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  • Patriotic Eagle Pocket Watch / Sold

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    Patriotic Eagle Pocket Watch - E. H. Quartier Locle Eagle Pocket Watch - /Sold

    Very nice silver case with federal eagle.  Eagle is perched with head lowered and eight stars surrounding the upper portion of its body.  Crystal covering the face is not present.  Face is white with black Roman numerals.  Hands are thin and delicate. Dial with second hand at bottom center.  Top of face is marked," E. H. Quartier Locle"  The inside cover is marked serial number 87311.  Back flips open on hinge to expose brass back with two holes, one for winding and one for setting the time.  Brass is marked "N87311 above “Patent Lever" and the time set hole.  Below in script "E. H. Quartier Locle".  Inside the gears are marked, "E. H. Quartier Locle." Watch fob measures 11 1/2".  

    Inventory Number: PER 037 / Sold