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    Patriotic Sons of America - Inventory Number: VET 205

    The Patriotic Order Sons of America is an American patriotic fraternal organization that traces its origins to the anti-alien riots of the 1840s. Found in 1847 in Philadelphia, the P.O.S. of A. once had "camps" or chapters in 20 states. At its peak, there were more than 600 camps nationwide. Today, the society maintains a presence only in Pennsylvania where it has 14 camps. The national headquarters are in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

    Exquisite solid silver medal with an American eagle with federal shield supporting a Keystone with engraved initials.  The silk red, white and blue ribbon is affixed to the eagles reverse via suspension bar.   The large silver drop bears a gold bust of George Washington mounted on a star within a federal shield bearing the enamel blued identification of “P.O.S. of A.” “635” reverse is jeweler engraved “Harry Miller - Past President”.  Wonderful condition example.  Research not conducted yet on Harry Miller or location of Post 635.

    Inventory Number: VET 205