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  • Pattern 1853 Cavalry Saber Confederate Import / SOLD

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    Pattern 1853 Cavalry Saber - Inventory Number: SWO 104 / SOLD

    A Classic Confederate Import

    This original English pattern 1853 cavalry saber and matching metal scabbard are an unmarked specimen.  Saber is in very good overall condition.  Blade is slightly curved, has a 24 1/2" long wide unstopped fuller.  Large, flat, iron hilt features a wide, flat knucklebow with a two-branch counterguard and a quillon terminating in a flat disc.  Entire hilt wears a dark bronze colored patina and has the two-piece grips of original, checkered leather strips riveted to the blade tang with five iron rivets.  Hilt is tight with no repairs on the branches or quillon.  Retains its original washer pad.  Accompanied by its original, large, heavy iron scabbard lacking its wide collar is in very good condition with a dark gray, mottled patina overall.  This pattern  1853 Enfield saber and scabbard represent a specimen  that a Confederate cavalryman might have used in service during the Civil War.  

    Inventory Number: SWO 104 / SOLD