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  • Peter Tait Button Polishing Guard Confederate Uniform Supplier

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    Peter Tait Button Polishing Guard Confederate Uniform Supplier - Inventory Number: CON 286

    Sir Peter Tait was born in Scotland in 1828 but moved to Limerick at a young age. His pioneering use of the Singer sewing machine allowed him to further increase production, and soon military contracts began to materialize. His most lucrative client was the British Army, particularly during the Crimean War. Peter Tait’s and Limerick’s connection with the American Civil War began in December 1863, when 50,000 caps, greatcoats, jackets, trousers, shirts, blankets, boots, stockings and haversacks were ordered by the Confederate government and ran through the blockade. Tait also entered a separate contract with the state of Alabama in June 1864. A number of Tait Confederate jackets survive, mainly ones issued late in the war. This brass button polishing guard measures 8” in length and is marked “P. TAIT & Co ARMY CLOTHIERS LIMERICK.” A scarce example of an item from the blockade.

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    Inventory Number: CON 286