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  • Photograph of McLean's House Where Lee Surrendered by Taylor & Huntington

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    Photograph of McLean's House Where Lee Surrendered by Taylor & Huntington - Inventory Number: ALB 216

    Albumen photograph, 6.25 x 8.5 in., on 9 x 11 in. mount. Caption below, "McLean's House Where Lee Surrendered." Imprint of Taylor & Huntington, Hartford, Connecticut.  “This is the scene of General Lee’s Surrender to General Grant, April 9, 1865. It was within this house owner by a Mr. McLean, and situated near Appomattox Court House, that the surrender was signed.  This great Historical event took place in the front room on the left of the door as you enter the house.

    Original Photographs Taken during the War of 1861-1865, by M.B. Brady and Alex. Gardner, Authorized Government Photographers.  A fine original photograph printed from the original Brady negative.

    Inventory Number: ALB 216