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  • Pinfire Revolver / SOLD

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    Pinfire Revolver - Inventory Number: HAN 153 / SOLD

    12mm Lefaucheux pinfire. Handgun was designed and produced by the highly-acclaimed inventor of European firearms, Eugene Lefaucheux. Referred to as the Model 1854, the Lefaucheux revolver is a single action, standard military caliber arm produced at his licensed production facilities at Liege, Belgium.  Many were imported to the US during the Civil War.

    This pinfire revolver measures approximately 11” overall with a six-shot unrebated cylinder matched to a 5 3/4” long barrel.  Sidearm is a 12mm (approximately .44 caliber) model with a plain unmarked cylinder featuring the six safety cams and the six pin slots. The cylinder is stamped with “E / LG / *” in an oval.  The buttplate has a metal lanyard ring. Mechanics are strong and the cylinder indexes well.  Loading gate is intact and functional as is the original spring-held ejector rod.  All gunmetal is uniform in color with some original blue remaining.  Fine surface pitting scattered on metal.  Revolver’s grips are two-piece in good original condition with no cracks or chips.  The surface has moderate wear.  Overall this is a nice representative pinfire revolver imported into the US during the Civil War. 

    Inventory Number: HAN 153 / SOLD