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  • Porcelain Veteran's Canteen "Hancock's Veterans"

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    Porcelain Veteran's Canteen "Hancock's Veterans" - Inventory Number: CAN 008

    Very nice full-sized porcelain canteen with raised painted badge.  The soldier’s name, and his complete unit designation are all hand painted with gold lettering, as well as his embossed membership badge. The badge ribbon is hand painted and gold is used to highlight the strap guides, and spout rim.  “John Cherry 1st Regt. Hancock’s Veterans”.   The badge is flanked by “CO. F.”  Neat example with Hancock’s Insignia.  One sling loop lacking.

    Near the war’s end, re-enlistments of veteran soldiers dwindled.  The U.S. government tried to entice discharged veterans—who were not subject to the draft—to re-enlist by creating a special all-volunteer corps.  This First Veteran Corps was to be commanded by war hero Winfield Scott Hancock.

    Inventory Number: CAN 008