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  • President Lincoln & Cabinet

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    President Lincoln & Cabinet - Inventory Number: MUS 099

    Abraham Lincoln, bust portrait, facing right, at center, surrounded by bust portraits of members of his cabinet, clockwise from top, "Simon Cameron, Secy. of War", "Salmon P. Chase, Secy. of the Treas.", "Wm. H Seward, Secy. of State", "Mongomery [sic] Blair, P.M. Genl.", "Gideon Welles, Secy. of Navy", "C.B. Smith, Secy. of Interior", and "Edward Bates, Attorney Genl.", on a stars and stripes shield background.

    Inscribed in ink at bottom: With respects of Ford Olmstead & Co.  

    Published by Elliot & White, Boston

    Inventory Number: MUS 099