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  • Provision Return Signed by Captain Robert S. Smith 4th Georgia Infantry, Killed in Action at Sharpsburg / Sold

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    Provision Return Signed by Captain Robert S. Smith 4th Georgia Infantry, Killed in Action at Sharpsburg, MD.  - Sold

    Provision Return for Captain Robert S. Smith, Company B, 4th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers for seven days, commencing September 29th and ending October 5th 1861 at Camp Jackson for 102 men.  Smith's signature appears on both side of the document.  

    Robert S. Smith was a resident of Troup County GA.  He enlisted on 4/26/1861 as a Captain.

    On 4/26/1861 he was commissioned into "B" Co. GA 4th Infantry 

    He was Killed on 9/17/1862 at Sharpsburg, MD.


    * Major 5/8/1862

    Before the Antietam Campaign:

    Enrolled as Captain, Company C, in the 4th Georgia Infantry on 26 April 1862. He was promoted to Major of the Regiment in July. 

    In the Antietam Campaign:

    He was killed in action at Sharpsburg. 

    The remainder of the War:

    Originally buried near the battlefield "in Capt. David Smith's Orchard", and reinterred at the Washington Confederate Cemetery, probably about 1868. 

    Death Date: 09/17/1862    Death Place: Sharpsburg, MD    Burial Place: Washington Confederate Cemetery, Hagerstown, MD

    LAGRANGE LIGHT GUARDS, Co. B, 4th Reg., G. V. I., C. S. A. This company was organized in 1842 under the name of LaGrange Volunteers, with T. C. Evans as captain, and J. S. Herring and Thomas Brown as lieutenants. In 1850 the name of the company was changed to LaGrange Riflemen with Milton Bacon as captain.

    In 1861 the Infantry Reigiment organized at Augusta, Georgia, recruited its companies in the counties of Talbot, Troup, Macon, Gordon, Twiggs, Dougherty, Jasper, Baldwin, and Sumter.  The unit served in the Department of South Carolina and the Department of Georgia before moving to Virginia.  Assigned to A.R. Wright's Brigade during the DSeven Days Battles, it later served under Generals Ripley, Doles, and Cook.  The company was offered to Governor Joseph E. Brown for active service in behalf of the Confederacy. On April 26, 1861, they left LaGrange for mobilization with Robert S. Smith as captain, Miles H. Hill, Gustavus A. Bull, and J. Brown Morgan as lieutenants. They enlisted first for twelve months, and then reenlisted for the duration of the war.

    During the war this company had three captains: Robert S. Smith, promoted; Miles H. Hill, resigned; and Allen C. Gibson. The lieutenants were: Gustavus A. Bull, killed; J. Brown Morgan, promoted; Eugenius Ware, killed; James A. Norwood, resigned; Robert C. Humber, retired; Allen C. Gibson, promoted; John T. Gay, killed; William S. Evans; and Robert B. Ridley.

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