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  • Spur from the Gettysburg Campaign - Recovered from Emmittsburg, MD / SOLD

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    Spur from the Gettysburg Campaign - SOLD

    Recovered from Emmittsburg, MD.  Found in March of 2000 by Relic Hunter Ed Miller.  The Union fortified Emmitsburg to stop the Confederate invasion of the Union territory in June 1863.  Half the town was burned to the ground in a mysterious fire on the night of June 23. Folklore has it that 'The Great Fire,' as it was known, was started by a Union sympathizer to prevent advancing Confederates from taking supplies from the town. However, fate spared the town a battle between the opposing forces, which instead took place 12 miles north of it in Pennsylvania near the town of Gettysburg. The town was briefly held by the retreating Confederates on July 4.

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