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  • Rare Antique E.B. Manning Tin - Pewter 1862 dated Civil War Era Patent Britannia Coffee / Teapot / Sold

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    Rare Antique E.B. Manning Tin - Sold

    Pewter 1862 dated Civil War Era Patent Britannia Coffee / Teapot - The Coffee Pot is 9 1/4” tall; it has a 4-1/8” base diameter and is 3” diameter at the mouth. The top lid is hinged, fitting snuggly and is in excellent condition.  The spout, handle, and lid are made of pewter and the body tin.  

    "Be it known that I, Edward B. Manning, of Cromwell, Connecticut, have invented a new and useful Article of Manufacture of or Mode of Constructing Britannia Tea and Coffee Pots…” From Edward B. Manning’s letter applying for Patent No. 35,457 - June 3, 1862
    Pewter – or Britannia metal – was economical and could be fashioned into beautiful pieces. It took shape easily and when polished its gleam rivaled silver.  Before Edward Manning invented “improved Britannia,” pewter was not practical for preparing or serving hot beverages because the amalgam of alloys begins to melt at temperatures as low as 338 degrees Fahrenheit.  Manning solved the problem by joining an “upper” pewter body to a “lower” body made from iron or metal capable of withstanding high heat.
    Manning continued to patent his improvements for teapot and pitcher manufacture till 1900, among them, an ingenious double walled, insulating ice pitcher.
    Pewter is one of the most alluring realms among American antiques because it is so intimately bound up with the everyday life of our forefathers.   It was made for people who could not afford much silver or who did not want to use their silver all the time.  It happened not to be as elegant as silver in color or texture but it had about it an air of distinction and a certain substantial solidity that reflected the comfortable character of the people who used it in their homes.
    This rare Coffee Pot will be an amazing addition to any antique pewter or Civil War Era Collection.

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