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  • Rare CDV of Sergeant Peter Hart

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    Rare CDV of Sergeant Peter Hart - inventory Number: CDV 336

    Beauregard's forces pummeled Fort Sumter, raining hell-fire down on Anderson’s men.  Charlestonians sipped cocktails while hooting and hollering from their balconies, cheering the Confederacy.  Anderson’s forces did return fire, but they were simply out-gunned and running low on ammunition.  The U.S. flag, the Garrison Flag, was torn and had fallen during the battle.  A U.S. soldier, Sergeant Peter Hart, bravely hung the much smaller Storm Flag in its place…symbolic, perhaps, of Anderson’s waning resolve to stay vigilant under the threat of total annihilation.  But miraculously, despite 34 hours of near-constant shelling, the only casualty was a Confederate horse.  Beauregard again asked Anderson to surrender.

    Inventory Number: CDV 336