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  • Rare Identified Civil War Confederate Saddle Valise

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    Rare Identified Civil War Confederate Saddle Valise - Inventory Number: CON 120 / SOLD 

    Civil War officer’s and mounted troops utilized this type of valise, as opposed to or in addition to saddlebags This fine saddle valise is identical to the rarely found, U.S. issued, Civil War artillery, saddle valise. These valises were attached to the saddle and provided a storage compartment for the soldiers essentials. Very few of these valises survive today.  This example is a classic “D-shaped”, with carrying handles at each end; they have a heavy cover flap, beneath which is an interior flap, closed via multiple, footed iron staples, affixed to the body of the valise, which slipped through slots in this inner flap. Artillery valises have a pillow ticking lining on the inside of the valise cover flap, with an opening in this ticking, in the center, for storage. The interior of the artillery valise was also lined with pillow ticking. There were straps and japanned, roller buckles to keep the outer valise flap closed.

    This valise matches the above-described characteristics inherent in U.S. Issue, Civil War Light Artillery saddle valises. The interior fabric lining the body of the valise, is a fine, blue-colored, printed cotton, in excellent condition. The pillow ticking lining the inner cover flap is also in fine condition.  All straps, roller buckles, as well as both end handles, are in place and remain in strong condition. The valise measures as follows: Length – 19”; Width – 7”; Depth – 7”.

    This item was recently purchased by Dave Marks of MD, directly from an estate auction in Shenandoah County, Virginia, from the direct descendants of this Family.  Joseph Swartz enlisted in 1861 and served in the 136th Virginia Militia, under his first Cousin Captain Noah Swartz.  Whether used during the war by either Joseph or Noah is unknown. Extensive research data accompanies this artifact.

    Inventory Number: CON 120 / SOLD