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  • Reading Artillerists Uniform Coat Worn by Samuel G. Boone Direct descendent of Daniel Boone 1st Pennsylvania and 88th Pennsylvania Infantry / SOLD

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    Reading Artillerists Uniform Coat Worn by Samuel G. Boone Direct descendent of Daniel Boone 1st Pennsylvania and 88th Pennsylvania Infantry - Inventory Number: UNI 115 / SOLD

    Captured at Gettysburg – A must read account of his capture is included!

    Exceptional ca.1859-1861 uniform coat worn by Samuel G. Boone as a member of the Reading Artillerists, a militia organization founded in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania during the late 18th century. Mustering in for the first time during the presidential era of George Washington, members of this artillery unit went on to serve tours of duty in the War of 1812 and the Mexican American War. In April 1861 Reading Artillerists officially mustered at Harrisburg to form Company G of the 1st Pennsylvania Infantry. Primarily tasked with protecting several major roads used by Union Army troops, they also stood guard at vulnerable points along key railroad lines. After honorably completing their three months' service, they then mustered out at Harrisburg on July 23, 1861. After mustering out, Boone enlisted in the 88th Pennsylvania Infantry. 

    As a 2nd lieutenant, Boone was captured on July 1st at Gettysburg. As Boone related in 1916, “our right and left being unprotected we were forced to retire to the town, after losing 110 men in killed and missing out of 298 which we took in, arriving there the place was all confusion. Union and rebel soldiers swarming the place, with the rebels in the majority and my own command scattered. I did not know which way to turn, and when I did decide, turned up against the muzzle of a rebel musket, and when the savage looking Louisiana Tiger that was at the other end demanded my surrender, unreasonable I thought at the time, though no less imperative, I was obliged to acquiesce to his demand, and very reluctantly took off my sword and belt and threw them on the ground, and politely told him if he wanted them he would have to pick them up.” Boone went on to captivity at Libby Prison, Macon, and various other prison camps throughout the south. 

    Boone’s Reading Artillerists coat is constructed of gray wool with a double-breasted front of coat sized eagle “A” artillery buttons, three of which are loose but included with the coat. The standing collar is decorated with four more buttons and bullion trim. A shoulder strap covered with bullion trim adorns each shoulder. Each sleeve has non-functional cuffs decorated with buttons and bullion. The rear of the coat has two buttons to support a sword belt as well as two buttons on each coat tail, which is accented with gold bullion and trimmed in black. The breast of the coat is lined in gray wool and heavily padded. The rear interior and sleeves are lined in off-white cotton and are heavily sweat stained. The coat comes with a period note in ink that reads “Reading Artillerist uniform coat worn by S.G. Boone “ante bellum.” Two additional binders include a wealth of information on Boone’s service and genealogical records (Samuel Boone was a descendent of pioneer Daniel Boone.) A wonderful and historic militia uniform. 

    Samuel G. Boone.  Residence Berks County PA; 23 years old. Enlisted on 4/20/1861 at Philadelphia, PA as a Sergeant. On 4/20/1861 he mustered into "G" Co. PA 1st Infantry. He was Mustered Out on 7/27/1861 at Harrisburg, PA. On 9/12/1861 he mustered into "B" Co. PA 88th Infantry. He was discharged on 5/17/1865. POW 7/1/1863 Gettysburg, PA (Confined at Macon, GA & Columbia, SC). Escaped 2/17/1865 Camp Asylum, Columbia, SC. Promotions:  Sergt Major 3/1/1863. 2nd Lieut. 4/10/1863 (As of Co. B). Intra Regimental Company Transfers: 3/1/1863 from company B to Field & Staff. 4/10/1863 from Field & Staff to company B.

    Inventory Number: UNI 115 / SOLD