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Rebel Raiders by Don Stivers

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Rebel Raiders by Don Stivers - Inventory Number: PRI 114

A wonderful, limited edition print by the renown military-theme artist, Don Stiver (now deceased). Rebel Raiders was printed in 1987 as a limited edition this is 85 of 950, signed and numbered. Riding under the command of men such as J.E.B. Stuart, Wade Hampton, Nathan Bedford Forest, Turner Ashby, John Hunt Morgan, and John Singleton Mosby, the Confederate Cavalrymen provided the mobile reconnaissance and rapid strike forces needed by the Army of Northern Virginia, the Army of Tennessee and other Confederate forces during the South’s struggle with the North. In this artwork, Stiver creates a moment in time when the Rebel Raiders ride again under the “stars and bars”, intent on their mission and perhaps moving to the sound of the guns. It is new, unframed, original in all respects with accompanying information sheet.

Inventory Number: PRI 114