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  • Revolutionary War Era Dutch Flintlock Musket / FusiL / SOLD

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    Revolutionary War Era Dutch Flintlock Musket / Fusil - Inventory Number:  RIF 157 / SOLD

    Revolutionary War era Dutch .72 caliber musket, very typical of the pattern purchased by Benjamin Franklin in Holland for the American war effort. Dutch muskets were used by both sides during the war, and surviving examples with markings from multiple of the former American colonies are known, including Massachusetts which purchased thousands of Dutch muskets through Franklin. This style is listed on page 177 of Battle Weapons of the American Revolution by George C. Neumann, who considered more of a carbine or light musket rather than an officer’s fusil. The most distinctive feature of the musket is the elongated brass upper barrel band with sight blade and sling swivel, held in place by a rear side spring. The other two brass barrel bands are friction fit. The trigger guard, butt plate, and oval wrist escutcheon are brass. The stock is walnut with a very old, nailed repair above the escutcheon. “J A 73” and “2 B 8 C C” are stamped and carved into the comb of the stock. The comb is distinctively high and nearly in line with the top of the barrel as was typical of Prussian muskets in the era of Frederick the Great, who deemed rapidity of fire more important that accurate aim. This straight-line style purposely made it more difficult to carefully aim the musket. The action is crisp and functions on all positions. Only the top 12” of the ramrod remains in the channel. All iron surfaces have a dark, uncleaned rust patina. A great Revolutionary War era musket with a “straight out of the attic” look. 


     Inventory Number:  RIF 157 / SOLD