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  • Revolutionary War Powder Horn / Sold

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    Revolutionary War Powder Horn - Inventory  Number: REV 016 / Sold

    During the American Revolutionary War, the powder horn was essential equipment for the soldier who used a firearm. The rifleman carried his firelock, hunting pouch, and a horn to carry gunpowder. Hunters and militia used powder horns. They were usually made from cow or ox horn.

    Owners often incised initials, names, portraits, patterns, scenes, and maps onto the horn to make them their very own. This example bears the original owner’s initials incised on the side: “J.C.T. as well as some additional carving.  This example retains the original woven and embroidered strap with tassels remaining on one end.  Recovered from an early estate in Charleston, S.C..

    Inventory Number: REV 016 / Sold