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Rhode Island Washington Cavalry / SOLD

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Rhode Island Washington Cavalry, R & W Robinson and Rich, Extra dm.  Button depicts Rhode Island's state seal of a graphic style shield with a raised anchor inside.  The anchor has a rope coming off the top ring's left hand-side that goes under the stock, shaft, and fluke and hangs below the crown.  The word hope is in a small banner in Capital letters in the top of the shield.  Washington's Cavalry initials "WC" appear in raised Old English letters below the shield.  The pattern is set on a convex lined field, with a this raised flat edge border.  Backmark: (star) R & W ROBINSON (star) EXTRA RICH" dm between one outer solid ring, and two inner solid rings.  A non excavated example, with strong planchet casting.  The original shank is straight and intact.  

Reference: Albert RI 35, Tice RI 251A1

Inventory Number: BUT 052 / SOLD