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  • Scarce Allen and Worcester Navy Revolver with Holster / SOLD

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    Scarce Allen and Worcester Navy Revolver with Holster -  Inventory Number: HAN 159 / SOLD

    .36 Lip Fire caliber, 5.875”-barrel, S/N 111. This example has two-piece walnut grips and is a six-shot, single action revolver. Left side of octagon to round barrel marked in two lines: ALLEN & WHEELOCK WORCESTER, MS US over ALLEN'S PAT'S SEP. 7, NOV. 9, 1858. Matching serial numbers on left of frame under grips, stamped inside both grips, on cylinder and arbor pin, on loading gate and on ejector rod. No number present on combination ejector lever and trigger guard. A scarce revolver manufactured during the early 1860s with total production estimated at around five hundred. Production was halted due to Smith & Wesson's suit against Allen for violation of the Rolin White patent on the "bored-through" cylinder. With original leather holster.

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    Inventory Number: HAN 159 / SOLD