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  • Sharps & Hankins Model 3B .32 Rimfire Pepperbox Pistol

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    Sharps & Hankins Model 3B .32 Rimfire Pepperbox Pistol - Inventory Number: HAN 179

    Sharps & Hankins .32 four-barrel pepperbox. This version is the 3B model lacking the circular side plate with gutta percha grips. Approximately 2,000 of the 3B model were manufactured, and this one has the serial number “3328” under the barrels. The pistol is marked between the two top barrels “ADDRESS SHARPS & HANKINS, PHILADELPHIA, PENN” and on the right side of the frame “C. SHARPS PATENT JAN.25, 1859.” The barrel releases and locks smoothly. The hammer holds and functions on all positions, but the firing pin no longer rotates. There is one screw missing at the right breech end of the frame. Traces of original bluing are present in low areas between the barrels, and the steel frame retains much of its nickel plating. These pistols were quite popular for their simplicity, durability, and concealability.

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    Inventory Number: HAN 179