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    Sibley Tent Tripod - Inventory Number: CAM 300  / Sold

    This rare item is a sturdy iron tripod made to support the center pole in a Civil War era Sibley tent.  The Sibley tent was invented by Henry Sibley and patented in 1856. Of conical design, it stood about 12 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter.  It was supposed to comfortably house about a dozen soldiers.  The Sibley tent was supported by a central pole that telescoped down into the supporting tripod so that it took less space to pack and store. The tripod could be erected over a firepit for cooking and heat. The Sibley design also required no guy ropes, being held down by twenty-four pegs around the base. Also, a cowl over the top of the central pole allowed for ventilation and for the escape of smoke, regardless of wind direction.

    This rare relic is constructed of three iron legs measuring approximately 52” long which are pinned into a cast iron sleeve.  The central pole that supported the whole tent slid through this sleeve.  This tripod device was designed to hold the bottom of the tent pole to allow a place for the cone-shaped iron stove that was used in this style of tent in the cold months. An iron chain and pot hook hangs from the sleeve to facilitate cooking within the confines of the tent.

    Inventory Number: CAM 300 / SOLD