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  • Signature of Ambrose Burnside / SOLD

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    Signature of Ambrose Burnside - Inventory Number: AUT 084 / SOLD

    Mounted signature: "A. E. Burnside"

    Burnside, Ambrose E. (1824-1881) Union Major General of Volunteers Despite Burnside's lack of success at Sharpsburg, Lincoln appointed him to the command of the Army of the Potomac on November 10, 1862. After the Federal catastrophe at Fredericksburg in December and the subsequent failure of the "Mud March", Hooker replaced him. He was sent to the Department of the Ohio where he oversaw the arrest and trial of Clement Vallandigham and successfully defended Knoxville against Longstreet in the fall of 1863. Burnside participated in the Union offensive to take Richmond and Petersburg in the spring of 1864 and was responsible for the failure to capitalize on the opening in the Confederate lines at "The Crater". After the war, he served as governor and senator from Rhode Island.


    Inventory Number: AUT 084 / SOLD